This week in the shop

Well when I say this week, I mean the last few weeks. Absolutely flat out at the moment which is why these updates have been... well non existent. We've had a really varied few weeks, in and out of the workshop, fitting, and spraying. Working on two joinery packages at the moment, a few sets of loft wardrobes, desks, shelving, media rooms, all sorts. 

On the site where the workshop is based, we are very lucky to have access to quite a nice spray booth, keeping the process in-house. 


The design has been produced by Yam Studios who are an interior design company with a leaning toward Scandinavian style, so quite clean simple designs using veneers and sprayed finishes. The veneer specified is from a company call Apli Wood which produce an engineered veneer made from sustainable species and formed to create a straight grained consistent look. Each sheet is exactly the same in colour and pattern. This stack I had made up by Read Veneers and is 36 sheets of 3m x 1.2m needless to say we were slightly fatigued by the time it was all in the workshop. 


One set of loft wardrobes and shelving, quite a nice challenge to scribe and cut the tops in to the roof line. 


Heaps and heaps of work going on.  


Jumped on the hairpin leg band wagon. We had an off cut of birch ply with a laminate top and together with a nice set of low coffee table legs, there's a nice gift for brother Robinson. 

In possibly the biggest news of the last few weeks, a new workshop is afoot!  


Ooooooooooooooooooo you cannot imagine how excited I am. Measuring in at a beautiful 1100sq/ft and yes, yes that is a 5m wide 3m tall roller shutter. It is an absolute beast, electrical work is all done, a few other bits to get sorted before moving in but can't stop thinking about all of the opportunities this space is going to offer. 

Will keep you posted on the move and should have some nice finished products to show in the very near future.