This week in the workshop

Great week. Started out putting the finishing touches to this latest project, getting packed up and ready to fit. Tuesday was the first day of fitting which went well but not without unforeseen issues. Every job no matter how well planned and thought out will throw up some kind of problem to overcome. Sometimes it will work in your favour sometimes it takes a silly amount of head scratching to get it looking perfect. It's an inherent part of making bespoke furniture, we pride ourselves on making straight, square boxes which then get fitted in not so straight or square houses. 

The space was compact which is always challenging, only bringing in the elements in, one at a time as needed. Having the van right outside the front door helped massively, love a good parking space.

The home office is constructed in birch ply with an off-white, high pressure laminate applied to it for durability. The L-shaped desk has a raised back section, designed to accommodate a radiator across the back wall, doubling up as a monitor stand. To finish it off, two wall mounted shelving sets for books and display, with base cabinets and drawers for extra storage. 

The pictures -  these are from my phone and as the space was tight I had to use a clip on wide-angle lens.



Three days to fit, super pleased with the results and the customer was over the moon. All in, a good productive week, it's nice to have a job off the list. We're getting new some projects underway next week which will keep us busy for the next few months, so the updates will be coming thick and fast.