Me Ole Bamboo!

This was waaaaaaaaaay before I had my own business, I started making a Bamboo bike in the living room of my one bed flat. As I may have mentioned I really like making things, alongside that I enjoy two-wheeled, human powered devices. I've ridden most forms from BMX, commuting, dirt jumping to racing short course downhill. So what could be more rewarding making your own steed?

Now I know bamboo bikes are nothing new but when I write this I am referencing a time in 2013 when not a great deal of research/articles/knowledge was available for the build process. After a monster amount of searching and reading, I thought I had just about enough information to make a Bamboo bicycle.

Being super noob, I took photos of every stage of the build believing that "yeah I'm gonna photograph everything I make." Didn't last long. But I do have a silly amount of images of this build process so fasten your seat belts, you're in for a one hell of a geek out. 

We took a donor frame for all of the bits we needed to hold bearings, wheels and forks. It had a broken swing arm and was going to the scrap bin. I won't go in to detail on every photo but this project was mainly done on the dining table in our tiny one bed flat and managed to get it finished just as I was moving in to my very first workshop.

Sadly as you can see the first ride was going really well up at Bedgebury Pinetum, around the 8th mile of single track, a fast right hand berm and *SNAP* the seat tube section gave way, grinding quickly to a halt and an hours walk back to the car. Glad I got to ride it.

Thats where the story ends. I still have the pieces in the workshop but currently have zero spare time to get it back riding. One day.