This section of the site gives a rough break down of how the process works from the first contact through to the finished product. This is more of an informal guide rather than a hard and fast rule set. We will be adding a pricing guide in the very near future to help asses what you’re after.

The Idea

It all begins with an idea, whether it be well defined in your mind’s eye or just an inkling, we can have a chat and discuss the overall design requirements, peruse some material options and delve in to types of finishes. This will give us a good frame work for a design to be realised. We can now start sketching out and putting together a concept.

The DeSIgn

From all of the information discussed in our contact/meeting/measure up, we will prepare an estimate. If that suits then we can proceed into creating a first draft design which will be a couple of rendered images taken from the 3D CAD models. This is effectively a basic double check the we’ve got the right end of the stick and we are all on the same page.

From here we have something tangible to work from, we can fairly easily model up some different options depending on the requirements, all made much easier by seeing the 3D representations of the final product.

The Order

Once we’ve finalised the design and worked out all of the finer details we will prepare a final quote. Providing there are no late stage design changes of additional works required this will not change. If you would like to proceed with the project we require a 50% deposit for the purchasing of materials and fixtures. Once received we can schedule the project into the workshop, before this we are only able to provide estimate timescales.

Due to the nature of the projects we create, timescales can vary depending on the size and complexity of each individual design. As a general rule of thumb we say that most projects are completed within 6-8 weeks of receiving the materials deposit.

The Making

Now the real work begins, the bit we really enjoy. Once the materials have landed in the workshop and bench space has been allocated we can start to process the components and the idea becomes reality. Sometimes we may photograph and display some of the images on our social media so keep your eyes peeled for some lovely progress shots.

Depending on the project we would usually dry fit all of the elements and carry out any testing required to ensure there are no surprises later down the line. At this stage we may need to make slight adjustments or alterations to the design to ensure the product is fit for purpose, this is a rare occurrence but we will get in touch and have a chat to keep everyone in the loop.

Due to the broad spectrum of designs and products we create every delivery or installation will vary. We will get in touch as we near the completion of your project to arrange a good date and time for delivery. At this stage we can discuss logistics in terms of parking, access and if there are any other restrictions. Ideally we require a clear space where the furniture will be placed and an area where we can assemble any elements that are too large to fit through a normal doorway. We may require the use of power tools and we’ll make provision to minimise the dust and noise and will always endeavour to leave the space as we found it.

Once complete we can have a chat through the finished product and once signed off you can enjoy your furniture. We will send through the final invoice once we are back to the workshop.

The Delivery

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