Founded by Mike Robinson in 2014 we are a small family run business that specialises in crafting high quality, unique furniture tailored to your needs. Our workshop and hub of operations is based in Woolwich, South East London, nestled in a creative community of studios just next to the Thames.

At our core, we believe that the furniture and the products we interact with on a daily basis should wear in, not wear out.

We strive to create furniture that can withstand the rigours of a lifetime of use and remain steadfast in its duties. Through the use of good design methodology, an innovative approach to problem solving and an eye on the wealth of classic design in years past, we craft beautiful furniture that stands the test of time.

Our small but perfectly formed workshop has evolved over the past few years into a space that allows us to create truly unique, made to measure furniture. The layout, setup and machinery we have invested in allows us to blend the wisdom and traditional techniques of woodworking, with the efficiency and pace of modern manufacturing methods.

Working with wood is our passion. From the material selection through all of the processes to finished article we love the intricacies of making, whether it be the selection and setup of tooling to carry out a given process, crafting jigs to create repeatable components or the final finesse of some good ol’ handwork, we are invested wholly in the process. We strive to ask more questions, research diverse manufacturing methods and materials technology to ensure we are always making the right thing at the right time.


Michael Robinson


Mike is an experienced designer-maker specialising in cabinetry, furniture and all things beautiful. Bespoke furniture, designed and hand crafted straight from the workshop.


Victoria Barry


Vic is the anchor of the office. She is a specialist in organisation, spreadsheets, stationery, playlists and american crime procedural television programmes.